AGSV Sport Competition Details

AGSV Boys Sport is a stand alone competition (in most cases), played within the nine member schools. Six schools are co-educational and three are boys only schools. The six co-educational member schools compete with six co-educational APS schools (Associated Public Schools) to form a combined twelve school AGSV / APS girls sport competition.

The following sports are played on Saturdays at most levels from Years 7 - 12:

Boys Sport

  Summer   Basketball, Cricket, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball. 
      Summer Hockey (non Premiership), (Squash, run by Squash Victoria)
  Autumn   Swimming
  Winter   Australian Rules Football, Badminton, Cross Country, Hockey, Soccer, (Rugby, run by VSRU)
  Spring   Athletics, (Water Polo, run by Water Polo Victoria)

Girls Sport

  Summer Badminton, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball and Touch Football
  Autumn Swimming
  Winter Basketball, Hockey, Netball and Soccer
  Spring Athletics, (Water Polo, run by Water Polo Victoria)

All sport played under the banner of the AGSV or AGSV/APS must utilise the AGSV or AGSV/APS Regulations. Both competitions are also governed by agreed policies / guidelines.