Our Vision

To be a premier school sports competition in Victoria.

Our Mission

To be a leader in school sport through the provision of a high-quality program that promotes excellence, diversity and inclusiveness.

Why School Sport?

The AGSV member schools recognise the benefits of interschool sports participation as part of their co-curricular offerings. School sport helps build a strong identity and a culture of reliability, commitment and persistence. Opportunities are wide and varied for thousands of AGSV students, with participation helping to promote and develop values such as respect, fair play, responsibility and resilience, as part of students school life and hopefully beyond.

Current research indicates a defined correlation between sports participation, physical well-being and improved academic performance/achievement. This is supported by growing evidence that shows sport has a positive effect on concentration, memory and classroom behaviour. Being able to regularly train and compete in a sporting sense with your peers further adds to each schools desire to offer a well balanced educational experience.